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Printing with opacity



We got some problems with printing with opacity.

When trying to print drawings with some opacity in it, it collaps. It is when going directly to the printer and when printing to .pdf (pdf creator). There ar no problems when I export to pdf. But I'm the only one with Vectorworks architecture on our office. Is this maybe a driver isue?



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Yes .. it's a driver issue. Opacity requires an Alpha channel with 32bit support.

There are different flavors of PDF which may or may not support postscript

style opacity.

Try printing a 300dpi PNG ( raster ) image of the page instead of printing to PDF creator. What happens ?

The benefit of PDF is the WYSIWYG page description portability with text and vectors

in a relatively compact file.

If the office portability is an issue, consider purchasing Acrobat Pro9 and using Reader9.

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One thing I want to set out of my mind.

I have a hard time for paying for a pakage and it only works partly, like with the opacity. Or bring the .pdf eporter to fundamental or only get opacity in the design pakage. Now more people who get the hang of 2009 are using more and more the opacity function and then come to me only for exporting it.

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