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VW 12.5.3 section viewport not showing some textures

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VW 12.5.3, Mac 10.5.7, Mac Pro

When we use the section viewport command and render in Open GL or FQRW, the class assigned textures do not show up. When setup through the VIEW>STANDARD VIEWS>FRONT, and then made into a VP, everything renders fine.

It would appear that the textures that are not rendering are assigned to the wall section (left/right) through the class attributes, use at creation. Is there a known bug that affects the rendering of a class texture via a section viewport?

Thank you


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Not that I have found. Looked all over in the advanced settings, and elsewhere.

Slight update...

A brand new file with a wall that had a class assigning two distinct textures to the right and left side of the wall, displayed the reverse texture of the wall face that should have been visible...

So outside texture of wall, texture A, inside, texture B.

A section VP to give an elevation of the front of the building should show texture A and does in any other view (axon, persp. etc), but texture B is showing as the exterior.

I have played with clipping distances, near, far, infinite, but it still renders the incorrect texture side.


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You can change texture sides in 2 ways:

1. with the wall selected, click Reverse Sides in the Object Info Palette, or

2. modify the Class - change sides under Walls in the texture section.

2. is best if the wall has several components, ie brick veneer on the outside, plasterboard on the inside - you want the brick veneer texture to associate with the brick veneer component obviously. The left/right sides of the wall is to do with the direction you drew the wall, so it might need a bit of trial and error to get every wall showing textures correctly.

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I know, that is how we have our model set up. The walls are assigned a class, and that class is assigning textures to the wall components (interior/exterior or left/right).

We have the model set up with interior and exterior rendered views, so we need an interior painted texture to show on the inside of the walls, and a wood siding shows on the exterior.

Every thing is perfect, textures show perfectly interior and out. Views from flying around, renderworks cameras, set views, walkthroughs are all fine and textures behave as expected.

The problem arises only when we use a section VP to try to get an elevation view (due to topography hiding portion of elevation). The Interior wall texture is rendered on the exterior wall, clearly glitch with the section viewport. I just do not know if there is a setting somewhere, or just a rendering problem. As posted earlier, a brand new file from scratch showed the same behavior.

I have turned the Section/Elevation toggle on the OIP for the Section Viewport to no avail.



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