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Select the Wall Join Tool, select the "T" join mode, hold the mouse over one of the duplicate walls and click when the wall highlights, then move mouse over the main (horizontal) wall until it highlights and then click. Repeat for each wall join.

NOTE: in some cases, if a wall has been previously joined (as these duplicates would have probably been) you may achieve better success by using the "Wall Heal" tool first. You can drag it across a wide area (eg: over the ends of all of the duplicated walls).

IT IS GENERALLY HELPFUL if you create a signature which contains all of your info. Operating System, VW's version, etc... (see mine below for example).

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Open VW Prefs and make sure the AutoJoinWalls option is checked.

Draw the horizontal and next the vertical wall (the latter from bottom to top, and have it joined there).

Activate the Selection arrow, and make sure the last button in the Method bar is active.

Point to the original vertical wall, press and hold the Control key (notice the + sign), and click-and-drag to the right.

This will give you consecutive walls, including their T-joint.

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