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PrinttoPDF and VA 9.01

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Just got VA 9.01 hoping it would solve the problems I have had outputting to

a .pdf using PrinttoPDF. However I still have problems. When I use

PrinttoPDF in 9.01 all text that is rotated has been eliminated, it takes

about 10 minutes to print one sheet and the file size is huge (I am

translating text which attributes to the size). When I export the file as

8.5, the rotated text prints but it still takes 10 minutes and the file is

still huge.

I am using version 2.1.6 of PrinttoPDF, Mac OS 9.1 on a G4.

What advantages does Adobe Acrobat have over PrinttoPDF. Would it be faster

with a smaller file size? Would be better translating Adobe fonts?


Dennis Myers

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on my computer (G4/500, 640 RAM). Acrobat file size is usually larger and is limited to 300 dpi (or close to it). Print ToPDF can go to 600 and above.

using VW 9.0.1 and PrintToPDF 2.1.3 yeilds no problem for me. it actually prints faster than 8.5.2 and includes all fonts, and at 600 dpi!!!!!!!

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