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Inserting doors

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Make sure that the tip of your pointer is inside the wall before you release it. If you try to move a door or window and have the pointer outside the wall, the object will jump out.

Also, make sure you have the Wall Insertion Mode set in the 2D Selection tool. It is the second mode option in the 2D selection tool and the door and window tools. If this is not set, the object will not cut the wall. You could be accidentaly toggling it with the I key (that is the letter i).

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You can either drag the door or use the Move command. (Modify>Move)

It has a cool, new and improved functionality for VW 2009 for objects in walls.

You can also use the Set Position button in the OIP. Click on a reference point, then on a piece of the door. A dialog box appears telling you the current distance. Enter the distance you wish it was...

Not as good as being able to nudge, but...

Maybe that's a good item for the wish list. An option+arrow combination that moves objects in walls along the wall.



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