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Corner Windows

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The Window Wall (straight) tool can have mitred ends. The other option is to create your own hybrid 2D/3D symbols.

To get the corners correct though you won't be able to insert these into walls. In both cases you will have to form holes in the wall ends using symbols with a hole portion only and then place the hybrid symbols or Window Walls into those holes.

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Perhaps you can explain the process a little more for us that haven't tried this.....thanks Gerrit

Here's a quick-and-dirty step by step (in a hurry right now), please let me know when not clear enough.

Please note :

1. the wall opening is available in v2009 (sorry to the original poster who seems to be on v2008)

2. the final step is crucial (exact position of the corner 2D locus)

3. part of the 2D symbol is a white polygon in the background. If you watch the blown up corner carefully, you'll see it continu in the corner itself to cover up the 2D wall) - I've added an additional image to help you understand.

4. of course, the symbol around the corner should be created in the same way.

Best of luck !



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