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Replace / Update All Symbols from Library?

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Is there a tool (similar to replace) that will update all symbols in a drawing from the libraries? Some of our libraries have changed, and being able to select multiple symbols, or all, would make life easy....

Did a search on the forums, and didn't see anything, also searched help, couldn't find anything there either...

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If I understand the question...

I think all you need to do is import the new and improved symbols into the drawing. As long as they have the same name, everything will update.

If the symbol name has changed, you will need to import, do a custom select to get all the symbols, and replace.



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That sort of works... but only partially in my situation...

All of the files are named the same, BUT, I have a lot of symbols, from a lot of different folders. I can select multiple items (all in the same symbol folder) and import them, that would work. Unfortunately, I have them all spread out over different libraries and folders.. I was hoping for a "update all symbols in drawing from libraries..." assuming that all symbols are named the same, and would come from the same library location.

That's definately faster than updating one by one, I am able to update all of my walls at once, or all of my chairs

at once...

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It seems that the order is important: First establish the reference to the library file, then import the symbols from that file.

The symbol will appear in the resource browser in italics. Any changes in the symbol in the library/source file will appear in the target file after any normal reference update.



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That may be exactly what I need to do for all of my future drawings. Thank you! I am researching it right now, it looks like I may be able to add all of my libraries as references in my templates, and that would be perfect for all of my future drawings...

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