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Updating Viewport Reference in Design Layer

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When ever I update a viewport reference in the design layer the referenced file moves its position. A titleblock reference keeps on moving in only one file (it is referenced to many other files and it is not moving). In another file elevations referenced into a site section keep on moving (I am not changing the origin). I tired checking the 'lock position' to no avail.

This is a problem...

Any solutions?

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What version Vectorworks? Have you the latest service packs installed? This is certainly one area that NNA seemed to have addressed across multiple service packs to make sure that you are running the latest versions.

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VW2008 up to SP2. Is SP3 safe to upgrade to? Many people in my office (myself included) experienced problems (as listed in other posts on this forum) when using SP3.

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Any chance you are importing dxf/dwg's into the referenced file? I recall that that may move the referenced file's origin, and thus it's location in the target file. If so, find a bombproof way of repeatedly and accurately re-establishing the referenced file's origin.

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I'm experiencing the same problem (as decribed here : http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=125372Post125372)

I guess that mike m oz is right "one should never touch the origin => Moving the origin screws ups everything so never never do it"

So i might try not to do it in the future, yet right now, i feel really bad.

If anyone found an easy way to fix this up... that'll be nice...

would there be any script that could reset origin (clean any changes made on origin for the whole history of the file? ) in a file and than try to MOVE the whole drawing manually with the move command???

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Historically, the easiest way to identify & prevent the migration of the Origin is to place a locked Locus at the Origin 000 of each DLayer.

Imported Layers from DWG/DXF usually have the Origin at the lower left.

Reversing those page coordinates is the offset distance to the default VW Origin (page center ).

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it is not as if the origin has migrated by accident.

The problem happens whan the origin is set accurately with the set origin tools.

The fact is that if you have a file that has his "new" user orgini set with the "set origin" tools, it DOES NOT behave like the copy of the file where the full drawing has been moved to match the same origin...

>>> i'm not sure this is clear so put it this way :

1. we have file A and file B that are identical

2. In file A : we set a new origin by using the "set origin" tool at a distance x=100 and y=200 from the initial origin.

3. In file B : we select the whole drawing and move it by x=-100 and y=-200

=> the result is that we still have 2 identical file (they look totaly the same except for the position of the "page") yet they behave differently.

=> If you reference them as RDLVP ia a first file called "reference.vwx" they superpose nicely with the same origin.

=> YET if you reference the file "reference.vwx" you will see that the files split considering each different origins !!!!!!


=> if you reference them the old way and select "ignore source document origin" they split the same way

In my view this behaviours is A BIG AND ANOYING PROBLEM.

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