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I set up some keynotes on a preliminary sheet. Later on I developed newer keynotes on another sheet to use across the entire document. Now I can't delete the original keynote list and I can't copy the new keynote list to other sheets. Any help would be appreciated.

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I am not certain, but I think you have to add or delete keynotes individually on a given sheet. This means that unless you put the same exact keynotes on each sheet, then the same notes may have different numbers from sheet to sheet. I use the keynote tool on all my CD's. For better or worse, I have adapted the way I place keynotes to the way the tool works. I do one set of keynotes per sheet and title it "Sheet Keynotes". I group related drawings together on each sheet so that only related keynotes will be on each sheet.

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OK, I get it. But I still can't delete the original set of keynotes which are no longer useful. When I try to place keynotes on that sheet, the old legend keeps popping up. I've tried to delete it but it's very stubborn. Any other thoughts?

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