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Image Fill Disappears

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Aloha, what am I doing wrong to have my image fill disappear on me after converting an object to 3D?

For an example the image fill show up fine on a 2D rectangular, but the moment I extrude it, the image disappears?even after rendering it (OpenGL). I experimented this in multiple new files. The attributes pallet show the selected image in it. But the object looks simply white after it was rendered. Any ideas?


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3D objects do not have image fills. If you need it in your plan view create a hybrid symbol with both 2D and 3D objects. In your example duplicate the rectangle, then extrude it. Select both objects and create a symbol. This will be a hybrid symbol where the 2D will object will only show in a 2D view and the 3D object will only show in a 3D view.

You will need to create a texture of the image and apply it to the 3D object to have it render.

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