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We are looking to buy a plotter for our mac system. our os is 9.0.1 and we are using vw9.0. Do we need mac plot software. What plotter is working out best. I'm also in the market for a print server. I'm trying to see what everyone is using and the most stable. your imput is much better than the write ups.




jennifer bloomer|robert

segrest architecture

christopher c evans

630 milledge circle

athens georgia 30606

Tel/fax 706.543.7561 http://www.bloomerseg




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We are also looking for a new plotter. We have been using an HP455 CA with its RIP software. The software is clunky, but it works OK. The hardware is a steady workhorse, but we'd like to find a faster plotter. The specific trouble with the software is that it gets corrupted very easily, and takes many steps to rebuild when it does.

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Maybe I've been missing something all these years but I've never needed RIP software. Is it because I've never printed to anything larger than an Epson 1520's 13.5" x 22"? I've always simply selected the appropriate printer in the Mac's Chooser, adjusted the Page Setup properties (and Print Area, etc. if needed) and told it to Print. My Mac connects directly to the printer via a USB hub.

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At our office we have an HP750C plotter that we have had sence December 1995. We stopped useing Macplot when we got VW 8. When we went from MiniCad 7 to VW 8 we couldn't get our dwgs to plot. And we ended up going round and round MacPlot tring to get this fixed and they couldn't figure it out. So we upgraded our plotter with a jet dirrect card, memory and networked it and we are printing with the HP driver that came with the upgrade from HP and now we print through the LaserWritter 8 along with all the other HP printers on the network. Sence then we have boxed up MacPlot and put it into storage. We have better looking prints sence we have swithched and don't have any problems like we did before. And when we have upgraded our programs we don't have any problems printing.

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try looking at the HP 800PS or the 500 PS. they are both hardware postscript machine, so you will not have to use rip software at all, and they are native to the mac os. HP actually has a rebate offer on them right now, check the hp web site. i think it is $1000 back on the 800 and $750 on the 500. i saw both these machines at macworld and they looked pretty darn good.


rich carrroll


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