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Donald Wardlaw

Workspace/Zoom and Symbol Issues

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I'm up to date with current 09. I'm having two problems.

1. There's no Edit Symbol command in the workspace list of commands. I know it is possible. There is also no Exit Symbol command which is what I really want because it is easier to have the old command-] key stroke to get out of symbols than to go for the button which is always right under a couple palletes. The user manual says there is a Edit symbol command, and it is in the Architect workspace but it cannot be added to other workspaces. If I switch to the architect workspace choose edit symbol (which can be command-[) then I can use the usual key command to get out. That's why I'd like the Edit Symbol command to be in the workspace list of commands like it used to be.

2. There seems to be a bug in the Fit to Page Area command. If I choose the command from the menu it works as it should. If I assign a key equivalent to it (command-1 in my case) it does not work with the key command. Or rather, it zooms IN rather than fit to page.



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1. To edit a symbol I either RIGHT CLICK with the symbol selected while in the Resource Pallet or DOUBLE CLICK on the symbol if it is on a drawing. I can still EDIT using "Command [ " & exit Edit Symbol using "Command ] " . You're saying this does not work for you?

2. I thought the standard was "Command 4 " for Fit To Page Area.

Perhaps you should try reverting to the standard settings & make a new customised workspace but leave some of the default command keys where they are.

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1) What VW calls "Edit group" might more accurately be called "Edit selected object" since it works on a selected group, viewport, or symbol.

2) Dunno, I've always just used the default cmd-4 for fit to page. Maybe cmd-(1-4) are reserved?

Edit: and apparently Jim types faster.

Edited by Chad McNeely

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Hi Chad and Jim,

Been away. Thanks for thoughts.

No solution yet to fit to page issue. I long ago developed my own workspace standards.

Don't mean to sound totally negative, there are some real improvements in current version over what I had been using (12.5). But I do think that having commands available in the pre-made workspaces which are not available in workspace editor is a boo boo. It is true I could, knowing what I now know, duplicate and edit one of the standards, but to get one command functionality it is a lot of work because my workspace is so different from the standard. Years of workflow optimization are reflected in my particular workspace.

The workaround that is working here for the lack of exit group command (which I can put a short cut on) is to use the drop down menu to go right back to the layer. Not as fast but ok.



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