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AutoPlot Cable Tools

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I have just uploaded a new version of AutoPlot Tools for SpotLight and AutoPlotVW for both Vectorworks 2008 and Vectorworks 2009. They contain a multicable tool and a feeder cable tool. I am interested in comments and questions. Current users of AutoPlot tools can just download and install the new versions. Those who are not current users can download the tools and try them out; there is a generous tryout period. I confess that I don't usually need more than a polyline to make my cabling runs, but for those who want more, let me know what's missing and any other comments. I will be working on a data cable tool as soon as I complete some research as to what is needed. (I haven't ever used more than 5 DMX runs in a show, so I need to get some info about what's needed.) In addition, as soon as the data cable tool is complete, I will make a command that will convert any cable run into any other kind of cable run. Do not feel that you have to register to ask questions or send comments.



Samuel L. Jones

Developer of AutoPlotVW, AutoPlot Tools for SpotLight, and Chain Hoist Tools


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Wow there are some really cool tools in Autoplot.

I have to admit I haven't given it a thought in a long time.

These cable tools are bad ass for sure.

Sam I'm going to play with this a bit.

One question.

You have a custom autoplot tools workspace.

My workspace is very customized and I don't look forward to rebuilding it in an attempt to accommodate the autoplot tools.

Do you know of a way to combine workspaces?

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hey sam;

the cable tools look fab. i'll use them on my next rig and pass on anything that might be useful. for those of you who don't know about all of sam's great products, his web site is:


it's all shareware, so if you use it and like it, send your money in and keep him writing.


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It would be great if one could combine workspaces or some how add entire menus or tool kits, but I'm afraid that's not possible now. You will have to build a new workspace or add the commands and tools one at a time to your own. The only other option is to switch back and forth between workspaces. I wish I had better news for you.


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The way I update my workspaces is to export the old workspace, or Sam's, to a text file first (from within the Worskpace Editor) and then pull up the text file along side to see what I tools/menus need to add back in for new features. It's a bit tedious but easier than pre-2008.

Note that VW allows a limited quantity of menus and the hierarchy. (Who knows why - it's always getting in the way).

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