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Text Rotation Problems

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I have noticed an odd situation with rotated text. We've been using the same Title Block layout for some time & noticed this prob. in VW2009, it is not a PIO. Most SHEET VIEWS have several Viewports, one that is always present is the Title Viewport. Most SHEET VIEWS are Portrait but sometimes we require one printed Landscape, & set this with Page Set-up then rotate the Title Viewport - & my text is upside down. No difference if I change my Preference to Adjust Flipped Text or not. This only happens with this one Viewport, others moved to this Sheet View are not affected.

Any thoughts?

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Jim, we actually don't place any text on a design layers any more.

I would recommend placing the title block directly onto the sheet layer. By doing this you can lay out the title block in actual printed dimensions and you have much better control over the text elements.

We then create viewports to get the actual drawing onto the sheet layer where we have already placed have the title block. You can still use viewport annotations for dimensions, room labels and other elements that are integrally connected to the drawing. We place keynotes and section markers directly onto the sheet layer.

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There is a setting in document preferences > resolution for rotated text display quality. I don't notice any difference on my computer but it is worth a try.

We have one computer where any rotated text prints much lighter than all the others. I have tried everything but just can't figure out what is causing it. the same computer has other text issues with callouts as well.

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Not sure about version 2009, but in 12.5 I had to resort to turning off the "adjust flipped text" preference for sheets laid out in portrait orientation (wall sections). Worked for me, but I always kept forgetting to turn it off when printing out a set. I had to have it on for the rest of the set (plans anyway) to display the doors correctly. Pretty frustrating.

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