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Viewport name and Drawing Label

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Back when I used VW 2008, every time I placed a drawing label inside a viewport, the label title defaulted to the name I gave the viewport. (i.e., viewport name = "front elevation," drawing label automatically says "front elevation." Now in 2009, the drawing label always defaults to blank ( " ".) Therefore, I have to type in the name for each individual label AND viewport, rather than just typing the name in the viewport popup. Picky, I know, but these seconds add up to minutes which add up to hours... you get the idea. Am I missing a preference, or should I just post this in the wish list?


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i have seen this. if you select the drawing label tool and set the default preferences to something like ".", then every drawing label picks up that title. i fixed mine by going back to the drawing label preferences and making sure that there was nothing in there.

if you leave a space in the preferences you will get " ".

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