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Framing Tool vs Classes

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VW2009 SP2 on WindowsXP

I'm using the framing tool for the first time. I created a simple rectangular building. I put a door in one end and a window in the other. The walls were created using a standard wall style, and the class is Wall-Exterior. The roof was created on another layer using the Create Roof tool, and the class is Roof-Main.

When I select the walls on the Wall layer only, and use the Wall Framer tool, it first asks for a model layer name. I select wall options, then click OK to create both 2D and 3D models. The Worksheets appear, but a Note pops up saying :

<< No walls framed. All walls on the selected layers exist in classes that have not been selected for framing.>>

All of the classes in the model are default classes. What is the note talking about??? What am I doing wrong?

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After you selected wall framing and created a model name you will find all design sheet names & sheet names selected. Create a new model name and all sheets will be unticked( this is quicker then unticking them all).

Then hit options and select new next under wall class and tick appropriate class.

Good luck, oh and it does not do round walls.

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Thanks for the reply. I thought the DEFAULT class in the Framing Tool was referring to the standard classes assigned by the Wall tool. After I selected the Wall-Exterior class, the Framing tool worked properly.

But I still don't understand why the Framing tool would default to the DEFAULT class instead of to the default Wall or Roof tool classes in the selection. What else would "default" class be referring to????

Is this a bug? Am I the only one to misconstrue the meaning of the term "Default"? Shouldn't the tool automatically work on all standard Wall and Roof classes, unless I specifically wanted to omit something?

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The Roof Framing tool still has two glitches in my model.

1. As noted before, the Roof tool didn't create a worksheet automatically. Is there some way to manually create a framing takeoff for the roof?

2. When I tried several times to add a fascia to the eave it was placed at the zero elevation in the middle of the floor, or on the ground below the eaves. Some attempts resulted in fascia boards in mid-air at odd angles.

Is the Roof Framing tool broke, or am I missing something?

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