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hatches/patterns wont export ?



hi there i'm having a few printing problem.

1.when i export to pdf hatches dont export.

2. when i print as pdf the hatches/patterns become thick black lines or very pixilated.

3. A0 pages open empty in print shops (i tried 3) but open fine on my computer. however pages up to A1 open fine in print shops.

3. can anyone recommend a pdf creator for mac so i can hopefully print to pdf more successfully?

thanks a lot

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I've just today gone back to a PDF that I produced and I am having print issues with this that I never had before. Printing from Vectorworks is fine, but not from the original (and a new test file) pdf that was printing fine.

I'm wondering if something has changed in the HP DJ130 print driver or in Acrobat. Of course, I may just have accidentally changed a setting somewhere!

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Do not know about a pdf creator for Macs but it depends on what Mac you are using no doubt

Helps if you can provide a signature with your computer specs and VW version too

I export to Pdf a lot and notice whilst in the main part they work very well - sometimes for what ever reason they can be different colours slightly etc etc

Would help if you could provide the above info

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