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My wish...



I am going to go across the grain

And wish for nothing new

Instead I wish for something plain

For a stair tool to do what it should do

That is right the infamous stair tool.

Being that I have been using VW since Minicad years, I can say that while many little bells and whistles have been added to this tool, the basic idea still remains flawed. I have seen types change, rails get added, and levels get introduced. Yet once again, it remains inefficient in both 2D and 3D.

This is my wish:

A stair tool that meets the requirements of being called such. One has only to go through each release to see the history of this tool. It makes more sense to model a stair in 3d then create the 2D information for each level then place it on a separate Vert-Trans Layer and control it with classes than to use the tool currently available. (well if you want it to reflect what is, in reality, a stair)

BTW what are masonry stairs? I know of steel framed, wood framed, structural concrete, and even hybrids between two or more of them yet the structural concrete stairs have disappeared form the options. Will it be added back in in VW2010 and called "new and improved" This is getting ridiculous and old now.

Yes, yes, I know "ALL" of the work-arounds and that is just the point; why should there have to be any? Is a stair not a simple straight forward design element that most architects have to contend with?

Get the archaic and useless stair tool to work already!

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