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copty with base point

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For 2008 VW added their version of Vectorbit's "Move/Duplicate by Vector", and called it "Move by Points". In 2008, it defaults to move by point mode, and the option to retain the original (i.e duplicate it) must be selected at the start of each VW session, if that is how you wish to use the tool (without remembering to use the option key each time).

Some deficiencies in VW's tool are:

1) the above mentioned default setting (fixed in 2009).

2) the screen often doesn't show that the original item is no longer there when the "retain" button is not pressed.

3) the tool occasionally and randomly causes other objects to become selected and moved/duplicated along with the one(s) you are working with.

4) the snap loupe (a 2009 feature) generally doesn't work with the tool.

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