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VW2009 Smart Cursor / Snap Issues / Context Zoom

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Has anyone else noticed that the horizontal and vertical direction snap seems weekend in VW2009? Whenever I drag move or copy objects it is difficult to keep them within the horizontal or vertical when there are other objects in the area.

Were the snap priorities changed?

Also, I don't fully understand the context-zoom triggered by the 'Z" button while drawing. Sometimes it will register a mouse click in this mode, sometimes it won't. Is there a trick to it?

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I have noticed this, although I don't know if it is actually any worse.

I have been doing a lot of 3d kitchen joinery, and the 3 annoying things I have found are;

1>When two points are close to one another, it prefers to snap to the one furthest from the pointy end of the cursor. Similarly with intersections,lines, anything snapable.

2>If you hold down shift as you drag, move, etc and object, it becomes unreliable in finding the edge of a 3d object.

3>If you use pre-selection highlighting to find an edge, click and drag, you don't always actually get an edge, even though the preselection would lead you to believe that you have the edge.

I think I am going to bug-submit these 3.....


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Ray, that's actually the problem. When you hold down SHIFT VW is just as likely to snap to 'parallel' or 'perpendicular' when there are are other objects close by.

When you are going fast this can lead to errors and is annoying. Most of the drawing I do still is orthogonal.

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That happens to me sometimes. I'm not suggesting it's what is happening you, but for me it's usually because I was sloppy drawing what I'm snapping to and the line or object is off horizontal or vertical by a small bit.

From what I remember past versions had the same behavior.

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