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hectic with attic !

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Dear All,

I really need your help.

Ok, here's the problem : i have a room to design, in the parisian style, higher storey. This means that one of the 4 walls of the room has to be a little attic.

And, don't know why, but i can't find anywhere in VW the parameters to give a little angle to my wall (say, a -15? angle compared to a straight (90?) wall.

I tried to rotate it, in any ways....but nothing happened the way i wanted.

So my question is : is there a way to give a certain angle to a wall to make is attic ? If so, could you explain how to do that ?

Thx in advance.


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It is unfortunate that walls cannot be angled, however, using a roof face might be

the way to go to get the affect you desire.

Otherwise you can go to a "front" or "side" view in 3D and then draw a polygon in the shape of the wall in cross section, then extrude it out the required length of the wall.

Lastly you will need to see what you want it to look like in Top/Plan view. Both a roof face and an extrude will look a little funny. You might draw a regular wall in the location that you want the cut to occur, and use classes to control the visibility and turn this wall off when in 3D view, and turn the roof face or extrude on when in 3D view.

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It sounds like roof face is the ideal candidate here. Especially if all the other walls

are vertical chances are they are constructed differently as well, so any plan or section can be drawn to represent the reality.

Just draw a rectangle / trapezoid in plan for the angled wall, AEC>Roof Face> - Click a line for to define the roof axis and the side you want it to ascend.

View in 3d and edit the parameters in the Object Info palette.

You can even use the roof framing tool - rafters to generate the structural timbers.

Or - Duplicate the face - change the thickness and offset it to create the components.

Bonne chance!

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I've used the AEC>Fit Walls To Roof tool (in VW 2008 Architect)... it's messy, but it does angle the walls to fit the roofline, then you can use the points to re-shape it some.

When you create the roof, there is an 'add attic' boc you can tick. Again, it was messy in section, but maybe you can do it better than I could!

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