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Arrow heads?

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I want to draw a line with an arrow head that is the same color as the line.

I tried the following...


I expected this to give me a solid arrow at the start of my line, but it gives me a hollow arrow instead. Below is a link to the marker list I have been referencing. Either I am referencing the wrong list or I am forgetting a step.

I want to be able to fill the arrow head with the line color.

Thanks for your help!

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Got it to work using the following...


not sure exactly how the last number deals with size...

when i set it to 1 the arrow was huge.

when i set it to 100 it was the same size as 1000.

any further insight would be appreciated

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From the VS Func Ref:

???Special Notes:

???Marker is obsolete as of VectorWorks13.0 (2008)

But, as long as the code still works try Option 0:

???Marker(0, 0.125, 15);

which will give you a filled arrow.

If fill color is not right, try setting it with FillFore or FillBack, OR, SetFillFore / SetFillBack.



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You might also try using:

SetObjBeginningMarker() / SetObjEndMarker()

to see how they work. You'll need a handle to the object, though.

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