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Focus Point Numbering

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I work in a black box theatre with a pipe grid we have designated with numbers one direction and letters the other. Whenever I try to create a focus point that has either the same number or letter as a grid pipe, it tells me that name is in use. Is there a way around this?

M. Sachs

Tulane University

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In my experience, VW will only allow one object per name.

So you can't have a hanging position named "A" and a focus point named "A".

Pat Stanford just pointed out a great example of this. Try creating a class called "door" in a new document and then try to insert a door in a wall. Can't have a class named "door" and an object named "door".

Have you tried naming your positions "Pipe A" or "A Pipe"? Then you could use the shorter name for the focus points.



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That is correct as far as I understand. It goes for everything from saved views. I saved a view and called it "1" I tried to make a label legend "1" same issue no luck.

Makes you start to have a appreciation when you are initially naming things on how you actually want to name them. Now SV1 and LL1

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