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Multiline Record Format in Title Block Fields- How to use


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VW help says that if you put a "pound sign (#)" after the line when creating a record format then it will be multiline text. Useful but I can't get it to work.

First is it supposed to be a hash or a pound sign? In my language (English-English) they are different (and on my keyboard hash is not present but it can be copied from a MSWord document via symbol insert).

I have tried both and there seems no way to move the text to a new line when typing data into the title block.

Any help appreciated.

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It must be the hash sign (#). You should be able to carriage return the multiline text entries within the title entry dialog and they'll be presented as such on-screen, further defined by the text properties you gave it.

I've attached the title block we use as an example for you to reverse-engineer.

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Thanks Highpass,

I checked out your titleblock and there is no way I can edit the multiline text. For example where you have Sheet Title: " Building 1 "/line break/ 'Overall' I can edit your lines but not make a new break.

I tried every combination of return + too (alt, ctrl, apple-option etc and three at the same time).

Is this an apple thing I wonder?

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Nah doubt it's an Apple thing, I use the same drawings on a Mac sometimes and nothing is different.

Can you send me a screenshot of the dialog you see after double-clicking the title block and selecting the Sheet tab?

Still in this tab, if you place your text cursor in between "Building" and "1:", then hit Enter*, it does not place "1:" on the next line?

*Not on the numeric keypad!

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Ah.., this is where our methodology is different.

I use it as a title block symbol not a drawing border object, I can't double click it and get to the 'Edit Title Block" dialog, rather I get the 'Edit Symbol' dialog. So I use the Object Info Palette/ Data tab to fill in the data. In this place multiline entry definitely does not work.

None of this is mentioned in the manual/Help.

I have not used the Border tool as we don't have a border on our drawings and shift the title block sometimes to fit the view. As I understand this tool, the Title block is fixed unless you detach from the border via the option in the Object Info palette. That is a solution I suppose.

I didn't think it would be this hard to set up multiline but I can get round this by setting up multiple fields in the symbol as well.

Thanks for your help.


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Thanks Pat,

I have noticed that function but I can't seem to import my own title block symbol that way.

My set up is this;

The default settings in "Doc Settings>Document set up" are border= none. With this setting I cannot choose a title block.

So I choose a typical ISO border (which I don't want) and this lights up the title block option.

Now I can see a list of standard title blocks in the Title Block drop down menu. I can see the default/included list and 'Top Level' and beneath that 'Drawing Border Components'

My title block is not there even though it is loaded into the resource browser (i.e a separate 'Title Blocks' drawing with various symbols is pointed to.)

So I drag my title block symbol into the document from the resource browser. Now its is available in the title block import dialog so I choose it.

Q1 This 'Doc Setting' seems to have no effect when I set up new sheets so what is it for?

Assuming this isn't the way to do it.

Q2. Should I be setting up a 'drawing border component' (as described in the resource browser folder) If so how do I do that?

Q3 If I use the drawing border tool to add a border with the intention of using the 'title block only' option this option is greyed out, so all I get is a border. If I right click and attempt to choose a title block nothing happens. It is set to none and can't be changed. (same this if I do it from the RB).

The help pages are less than clear on this. I would appreciate if someone could just write the steps to set up the default border to have a custom title block.


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Go to the KnowledgeBase ( http://kbase.vectorworks.net/ ) and type in the search term Title . You will see 5 topics pop-up on Title Blocks.

Select the answer titled [/i]Create a Custom Title Block and Configure it to Interact with the Object Info Palette[/i], This is a Tech Tip movie which will take you through the process.

Shortcut to the Tech Tip Videos: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/categories/Videos/

The KnowledgeBase contains a wealth of information and has the answers to many of the questions which get posted.

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