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"Flattening" slows down PDF printing



Hi, all,

Like most, I produce viewports on sheet layers and export pdf. to print.

Early on, I had trouble with slow computing time and a message saying "Flattening X%" which would stick on low numbers for a long time.

I remove the site model and other memory intensive items not required in a separate drawing, and print from that which helped for a while, but recently I am getting that message again.

Any ideas what causes slow printing and that message?

Thanks in advance.

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There 2 basic considerations along with the page size & dpi: vector & raster.

Vector is best for line work , but will create huge files for complex renderings.

Raster sucks for the 2d work but really shines when there are various images and renderings involved,

because of the downsampling to jpeg.

The trick is to find a 'happy medium' between the two based on what you desire

to provide the client. If file size is not an issue, then go for broke.

Acrobat Professional has an option to 'reduce file size ' which analyzes the page

and uses various settings to combine vectors & rasters in the most efficient manner.

But the results can sometimes be weird especially with OpenGL Renderings.

Export to PDF is usually the best option over all. But sometimes Print To PDF works

better because it use the printers PPD description. This is most likely where you're

experiencing the conversion slow down.

The Printer is set to print/plot from an image not vectors.

Therefore, the Print To PDF uses the Printer Driver to convert the vectorized VW page

to an image ( printer dpi =500+ ) raster prior to saving to the print spool.

Does your printer driver have a setting for switching between vector <> raster printing ?

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