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Annotating 2D Objects in Sheet Layer

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I hope I am misunderstanding the Help Screen, but after generating a 3D model of a part I create the 2D renderings in a Sheet Layer and I am free to annotate them with dimension lines, etc.

The problem is, for circles, arcs, and holes the help screen states to draw a "guide" circle over the circle or arc you want to annotate, then select the dimension tool and annotate the "guide" circle.

After doing that you can delete the "guide" circle.

I find a few problems doing that:

1. Drawing a circle over another circle or hole is next to impossible because I can't locate the center point of the circle or arc!

2. Deleting the circle also deletes the dimension line attached to it.

What am I missing? Is there a simple way to do this?

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You must work within the "Annotations" container of the Viewport.

You will not have any snaps unless you enter >VP>Annotations.

Annotating just the Sheet is a static 1:1 scale ( unless the VP is also 1:1 )...

The dimension PIO for arc, circles,etc. requires an object to Handle.

Make sure the Snap to Object is selected during creation.

You can also place Design Layer loci at the center points ,

then snap to them via the Sheet>VP>Annotations.

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Question 1:

Use the 'Circle by 3 points' and 'Arc by 3 Points' modes. This way you don't have to find the center point of circles.

Question 2:

In File > Document Settings > Document Preferences... Dimensions you can un-check 'Associate Dimensions.' The dimensions will stay when you delete the original object.

Or, you can draw a line, arc or circle and convert it into a dimension by selecting the line style '---xx---' in the Attributes Palette's drop-down menu. (The menu where you select line weight and dash styles.) Then play with the offset value to position the dimensions as required.

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