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Cycle through document windows

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Designer workspace.

Very strange. I just saw an item on the wish list asking to be able to toggle through the OIP panes.

Do you have any keyboard helper software installed? As far as I know, the step through windows is an operating system command (yes, it has to be activated by the program).

Can you open a couple of documents in Word or Excel (or something else) and see it it works there?

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If you have an Apple US English keyboard layout COMMAND + ~ should work. This is a system wide feature for an application with multiple windows open. If you have a keyboard in another language I have found that you there are other combinations. E.g. on the Italian Pro keyboard it is COMMAND + < which is located in the bottom left corner of the keyboard.

You can also set up a hot corner to make expose spread out your open windows for a given application.

(COMMAND and the APPLE key are the same)

Make sure you are testing with a software keyboard layout that matches your hardware keyboard. This is set in System Preferences > International Preference Pane > Input Menu.

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