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Custom plant tag setting

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Thanks for any help with this-I want to set up a default custom plant tag which is Qty, size and ID. This is not a default option so when I go to make one in the custom dialog box, it works, but for the next plant I have to re-type the entire formula again. It won't save as an option or let me cut and paste in each time. There must be a way to create a new default setting with my items on the tag.

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I'm curious about this as well. We're transitioning from VW11 and would like to create a plant tag that's similar to our current standard, but would like to set as the default and not have to modify each plant instance to get the desired output.

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A long way around this is to develop a Master symbols file and go ahead and create generic plant definitions for each symbol (ie. 24' Shade Tree A). It's time intensive, but will maintain the custom script tag if you import the symbols as a favorite or through the resource browser. Once in your main design plan, you can then import plant data through the database.

If someone has a better trick, I'm all ears.

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