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length and height calc in worksheet

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Can someone tell me how to format a cell in a VW worksheet so that it will display the length and height of a rectangle separated by an "x"? My company makes sales displays, and we do a lot of rectangular wall frames, so a spreadsheet would work great for us. I know how to format one cell to give the height and a different cell to display width; How to do both so that a cell would say, for example, "52 x 48"??????

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The only way to have a measurement display such as 52"x48" in a single cell would be with VectorScript.

There is a visual shortcut to give you the appearance of 52"x48" by using three columns in the spreadsheet. Have column a be assigned the [52"], columb b assigned [x], column c assigned [48"]. You can then adjust the justification and cell size to have the three columns apear as 52"x48". The middle column will be skinny, the third column can be set with a left justification.

If it is just for visual aid purposes, this is much easier than trying Vector Script.

Good Luck!


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i've been through many of the old posts re. the difficulty of getting "real/3d" height + width of walls out of a worksheet + would like some help....i can't use vectorscript, but i can fiddle the worksheet database...

most important, how do i get 3d wall height in a worksheet database? <all my walls are flat topped>

2nd, how do i get wall thickness in a worksheet database?

in the past i've fooled around with classes for different heights + widths but it makes for a lot of unnecessary work

any simple solutions would be greatly appreciated

gideon scott confused.gif" border="0

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If you have VectorWorks Architect, you can draw your walls with the "Wall Type" tool, this automatically places a wall record on the wall with the information you want. Architect also will create the worksheets to pull this information off the file for you.

Please note, that the wall records are only updated when the "VA Create Schedule" command is run, so be sure to re-run this command after you make changes to your walls.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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