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curved roof

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Hello folks,

I've been searching the forums and have found several topics regarding this, but I just can't seem to get it to work!!!

I want to make a section of curved glass roof (see picture attached). I've been trying to use nurbs, nurbs curves, 3D reshape etc and, I'm sure due to my lack of knowledge in VW 3D, it's just not workng. ie I cant get the right shape.

I'm assuming it's something to do with extruding a Nurbs curve the shape of the end elevation of it along a path or something???

Can anyone help?!!

Cheers in advance,


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Hi Joe!

I'll give it a try....it looks like its a semicircle in section, if so you can create a cylinder with the same height as the patio-width (draw in side view to avoid having to rotate the solid later) and then subtract a second cylinder which has a slightly smaller radius (ie creating the thickness of the glass) then split the remaining volume into the right circle segment and delete the parts you don't need = done, or (if it's not a circle segment) you'll have to create a polygon/shape which has the same shape as the glass section then extrude this (make sure the shape/polygon has a solid fill before extruding if you want the extrude to be a solid).

Good luck

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Honestly, you folks are brilliant!!!

It's always easier when you know how... Its just off an arc, but did a polygon and extruded; worked perfectly!!

Thanks yet again for taking time out to help.


BTW I ended up using Nurbs curves for the glazing bars... the best option?

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