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Joshua, the developer site is -regarding VectorScript- for the most part a transfer of the entries of VSFR in April 2008, but stripped of authors and date, which reduces the validity of the comments (who said so? when? which version might that comment be related to?).

Compare for example the entries for "BeginContext" in both sites.

By transferring the database no wiki-history was generated, obviously, so that kind of info is now lost forever.

NNA seldom comments on the VectorScript category, the main interest is the SDK. Moreover no generic user has edit rights, nor can you create a user. If you look at the user list, they are few and NNA only.

So while it is right to mention it's existence, it is also correct to state that vectorscripters tend to ignore it and keep on working on VSFR, which grew considerably after April 2008.

Just for you to know.


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