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Mulled windows

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I am trying to import or use windows that are grouped and factory mulled in pairs or more. For example I have a pair of double hung with 4" trim around and only a 2" divider. How do I do this? BTW-I'm using version 12 (upgrade way too expensive for an unemployed Architect)


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You can use two or more windows, right next to each other in a wall. In order to get the trim correct, you can use a "Cased Opening" with trim for the overall opening dimension, then use two (or more) windows without trim positioned within the cased opening. If any particular configuration is to be used more than once you can use the "Create Symbol" command on the whole set, thereby being able to use the symbol in as many locations as desired.

BTW: I get that upgrading costs money, but VW's has had the capability you seek for a couple of versions now: windows now have an option for "Custom" configuration, in which the user can define just about any combination of ganged windows, both horizontally and vertically, all in one single window plug-in.

Also: it is very helpful if you create a Signature which lists your OS version and VW's version, etc. You can do this be clicking the "my stuff" tab above and scrolling down to "my profile".

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Thanks, I'm going to give that a try!

On the upgrade front I consistently upgraded every time there was a new release, starting probably 10-12 years ago. Then my computer was old so VW ran very slow and I new I needed to wait to buy a new computer. Hence missing VW2008. Now I've got a new computer but the cost is double to upgrade...catch 22. This is not my primary drafting program so it is, unfortunately, a luxury. I imagine by next year they'll make me buy a new seat.

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I can see how the cased opening could work. How do you get it to be represented correctly in the door & window schedule?

So for example if the intent is two 2640 windows factory mulled together, you inset 2 windows and a cased opening. How do you represent this with one window call out and show the correct size and type in the window schedule? The schedule with recognize the record format for the two windows and the cased opening, so how do you represent all of this as a unit?

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