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Converting Vectorworks files to Auto CAD

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Couple of things to think about...

IF you draw in 3d, you will need to export from VW in a 3d mode/view... (5 on the numpad is 3d Plan, 0 on the numpad is 2d Plan) VW will not export both 2d and 3d portions of symbols to autocad. So if you're in a 3d view, it will export the 3d data, if in a 2d view, etc...

On my Export options, I only select "classes" and "exported as invisible layers" I UNSELECT EVERYTHING else... that works the best with autocad. I would never want to rescale layers, and you can decide whether or not you need hatches or images, mapping line weights always seems to be a nightmare...

anyway, hope that helps a little.

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