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smooth 3d solids (newbie)

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im very new to vectorworks so i failed on this problem:

i created two 3d nurbs curves and a profile to create a solid using the loft surface tool (birail sweep mode).

the result seems not to be a correct curve. in a very large zoomed view (even in "final quality renderworks"), the "curve" seems to have rough edges.

this model will be milled on a cnc-machine, so i need to know if it's just a display-problem and the internal data is correct, or if i'm doing something wrong.

thanks for help ... shadi

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This is a display problem and should not affect the actual accuracy of the model that is stored in the file. The internal data should be fine.

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Shadi, you might try going to your Vectorworks preferences and go to the "3D" tab. There you can set your 3D conversion res to "very high" and then re-render your model.

Another thing you might try is to to: VIEW>RENDERING>OPENGL options, set the detail to "HIGH" and check the "Use NURBS" box. Then when you render with opengl, you'll usually get a finer mesh.

Biplab is correct. I wouldn't call is a display problem as much as a display preference. A nurbs surface can be displayed at many levels of detail...and is referred to as "tesselation" and depending on the CAM software you use, it just might cause a problem. If your CAM software doesn't support nurbs or import nurbs or *.SAT format and you have to export from Vectorworks with IGES, then the 3D conversion setting on Vectorworks might dictate how "smooth" your model is when you take it into you CAM software. At least that's my current understanding. Does any of that sound right Biplab?

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thanks for the quick response

i'm relieved to hear that.

greets from germany


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