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Turned off classes show up!



I'm working in VW 2008 and am not able to export a dwg or dxf which does not show the turned off classes - in this case all of the notes, markers, labels. Have tried all export settings in all versions of AutoCad and including, Invisible classes are: not exported. Any guesses what might be going on?

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Well, thanks for responding, Jonathan. I was puzzled by your recommendations. I think I understand that you are assuming that notes, markers, labels will all be on the sheet layer and won't show if the design layer is exported. But what if the sheet layer has drawings from several design layers? And regarding drawing labels, title blocks, graphic scale, and other labels that would be common to all drawings, are you recommending that all of those things show on the design layers? And about the classes - why do you assume they're set incorrectly? I do have both of your books; Essential and Architect, and given some variation for individual style, my classes seem to be set up reasonably. Would you mind expanding a bit?


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If the class is set to visible in one of the viewports and you export from that sheet layer then, even if the class is set to not visible in the active settings, and even if nothing in that class can be seen in that viewport... object in that class will be exported.

If it is not set to visible in any viewport, and it is not set to visible in the active settings, and you choose not to export invisibles, it will not be exported.

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