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Bugs sell

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I have been using this CAD software since Blueprint 2.0 was new and have found it to be the easiest CAD software I have ever seen or used. I have taught quite a few people how to use the software and they find it to be just as nice to use. I was looking forward to the 9.0 release for quite a while hoping that the 3D capabilities would improve as I am finding myself building more complex machinery. I was also hoping that the sale of the company to Nemetscek was going to help accelerate some of the improvements. Well after getting the 9.0 version and then finding more things missing, acting funny, to just plain not working right or at all I thought maybe this was a sign to change CAD software. I looked at most of the solid modeling software out there and yes they cost about $5000 a seat but I found that they have improved a lot in the last 5 years, they are much easier to use. They also can save a lot of time to make a complete drawing. But I still wasn?t sold, I like my old friend VectorWorks until today. Today I got the email announcing the update 9.0.1 so out of curiosity I look at the bug fix list on the web site. I have never seen a list so long in my life for a product that has just come out, not even from Microsoft. Was 9.0 even tested, I doubt it. I stop using it the same day I installed it because radii dimension didn?t work correctly. How could you not find this bug before it shipped. or did the need for quick sales after the acquisition required shipping a product that doesn?t work. Basically you just sold me on switching.


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Tring(?) Let's not miss the point here: We are all aware of how inadequately buggy the orignal 9.0 release was (is). Now that they've de-bugged it you're gonna switch? Out of spite, or something? Gimme a break. You know you're gonna try the patch just like all of us. And you know you're hoping it actually works.

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Some things to keep in mind...

Every piece of software that ships has bugs, and many have tons of bugs. The process of developing software could be described as 50% adding new things, and 50% fixing all of the things that were inadvertantly broken when those were added. Even the process of adding new things is a constant battle of writing and then testing and fixing. Thousands of bugs get reported and fixed during the beta cycle.

Very few companies will honestly report which bugs were found and fixed. Microsoft recently was embarrassed when it was leaked that their newly released OS had 30,000 open bug reports. I've reported dozens of DreamWeaver bugs to Macromedia, and have never seen any acknowledged, but many of them have been fixed in later releases. (Usually x.0.0 releases, since they aren't inclined to do more than a single update to x.0.1. Unfortunately their new x.0.0 release have new bugs...) The ACIS solids development team is focussing most of their recent effort on fixing bugs, crashes, and slowdowns that have been neglected for years. Most companies will either not report fixed bugs, or will only report those that cause the most uproar. NNA reports everything.

I'm not trying to make excuses, I'm just telling you that regardless of where you might think VW stands on the quality spectrum, what you're really asking for is that we clam up like every other company and not report any fixed bugs that we don't have to.

(As for the radial dimension tool, i believe that was working at one point but broke late in the beta cycle due to other bug fixes and slipped through a crack in our tests.)

Not speaking for NNA, just for myself.

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