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Polylines to extrude problem

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Good day All

I have text which has been redrawn as a vector with nodes.

When imported they are Polylines.

I wish to extrude them but seems they do not what to do it correctly.

Please see attached.

As soon as the 2d polygons get the extrution command some of the "lettering" change to blocks....and simply extruding or converting to 3d polys makes half of it dissapear.

What else could I try?

Thank you in advance

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Thanks Vincent

Will attach it soon as my rendering has stopped.(taking more than two hours, bleh)

Just to give you an idea as to how it was created so long.

Redrawn in Corel from a scanned image, saved to .dwg/dxf, imported to VW.

VW crased when I tried to import an .eps file version of it, even after greatly reducing the amount of nodes before exporting.

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Just to give you an idea as to how it was created so long.

Redrawn in Corel from a scanned image, saved to .dwg/dxf, imported to VW.

Excuse me for being so forward, but wouldn't it be better to import the scanned drawing into VW directly and redraw with polygons and skip Corel?

Edited by Vincent C
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Hi Carl,

???The vertex count is WAY too high in the letters to be useful for any extrusion. The capital S alone has 16589 vertices. You will need to reduce the vertex count by 10X to 100X if you want VW to handle these as extrudes with any alacrity.


Thanks Raymond.

And I do that how exactly?

We did reduce it whilst in Corel, but as soon as saved to dwg/dxf it changed again and the EPS file made VW crash.

I have scaled it largely(+/- 20), when imported from origanal size the S has a count of 515 when as polylines. converted to 2d polygons it becomes 16589.

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515 vertices is workable, compared to 16K vertices. It's still high, but you're in the right ballpark. Is there any reason you are converting to Polygons? Polylines will extrude.

The built in Poly Smoothing functions in VW are inadequate for this task. There are some 3rd party tools. The one that comes to mind is a VectorBits tool - Purge Polygons. Vector Bits - Donationware There are probably others, but you'll have to search the web.



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Thanks for the effort in trying Vincent, much appreaciated.

I wanted to make it 2d polys cuase that is what I understood I should do; as explained in the Solids Modeling thread; to create a 3 dimentional from polylines, but even just extruding it straight from polylines did not work.

I will have a look at this VectorBits Tool

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Do you know what font is used in the logo? Have you tried typing it out in that font and converting Type to Polylines? If you get that far, the edits become manageable.


Unfortunatly this is no font and if it was, then yeah I would have. Done that before.

This is a logo as such for a hotel group.

And I only need it extruded 300mm in actual size. It will become a polistyrine cutout on the backdrop of a fashion show stage....

Just had a thought...is there a way to make polylines saved as text in any program....or any way to create text from scratch?....

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Yes there vertices, but in a file by itself you should still be able to do this. just extruded it real quick and rendered it in open gl in less then 2 minutes.

This probably isn't too helpful, but there isn't really anything too terribly wrong with it.

It looks like a logo, can you map the logo to what ever you need? Maybe adjust the bump in a texture to get the look you are going for?

If the logo is from AI or some sort of image file maybe you can directly bring in the image and trace the image. It may lose some verticies.

Just some thoughts.


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Thanks to all for the helpful hints.

Vincent, please forward me what you have done so I can see where I got stuck.

I will try to draw it as I now know what to use and understand this aspect better.

Matt in VW12.5 there is no option for ai files to import, would have treid if I could and as said before, eps made VW crash....

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I have resolved the problem

To get what I wanted I needed to extrude the polylines, which I did at first, but I needed to make them solid in the attributes and render it to see the full logo.

In wireframe it looks like parts of it are missing and that is what stumped me.

To give it the solid look I also added a 1 millimeter extrude with the logo as a texture and edited it to have a masked transparency. This I placed it infront of the polyline extrude.

Now it looks like a 3 dimentional sign.

Thanks again to all for the input on this.

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