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PRESS RELEASE 9.0.1Updates


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Nemetschek North America Finalizes 9.0.1 Maintenance Updates

Columbia, Maryland (June 27, 2001)? In its ongoing commitment to product

quality, Nemetschek North America today announced that the 9.0.1

English-language maintenance updates for VectorWorks, RenderWorks and

ARCHITECT have been finalized. These free updates are currently in

production, and are expected to begin mailing to registered users the first

week of July. Company officials state that the 9.0.1 updates have new

features and functionality enhancements. Furthermore, the VectorWorks update

provides the foundation technology for the non-English language versions,

which should be available internationally via our distribution channel

within the next three months.

Sean Flaherty, Chief Technology Officer, Nemetschek North America, stated,

"This maintenance update is the result of three months of engineering and

testing. The 9.0.1 updates not only address the more significant concerns of

9.0 users, they also introduce a few new features and improved

functionality. This update also presents the first opportunity to tune

VectorWorks to the needs of our non-English language customers."

New in VectorWorks 9.0.1 are two additional class viewing options as well as

the ability to add additional modifier keys to keyboard shortcuts. 9.0.1

improves printing anomalies such as plotting rotated text on the Mac,

disappearing objects, and postscript errors. VectorWorks 9.0.1 also offers

general Mac performance improvements, and improves the use of Windows

resources which caused some problems with running VectorWorks under Windows


RenderWorks users will find that 9.0.1 requires much less memory to render

than the original 9.0 version. Other changes in RenderWorks 9.0.1 consist of

better control over textures mapping and enhanced anti-aliasing. Rendering

support for NURBS has also been improved in this maintenance update.

VectorWorks ARCHITECT 9.0.1 integrates all of the additions and improvements

found in VectorWorks 9.0.1 with new features and notable improvements. Now

ARCHITECT allows users to frame Dormer and Gable Walls and provides the

ability to create material take-offs for floors and rafters. ARCHITECT 9.0.1

has improved DOE export, enhanced handling of metric units, and improved

file transfer capabilities between ARCHITECT 8 and version 9. Lastly, the

solar animator creates more accurate shadows in the southern hemisphere.

The complete list of features and improvements for all of the 9.0.1 updates

are available under Updates and Downloads section of our website, http://www.nemetschek.net/updates . Customers who are uncertain of their

registration status should contact customer service, 888-646-4223. Users

that have an immediate need for the update should also contact customer

service for a rapid solution. International customers should query their

distributor for regional availability.

Nemetschek North America (formerly Diehl Graphsoft) is a wholly owned

subsidiary of European software giant Nemetschek AG. A global leader in

design technologies, Nemetschek N.A. has developed CAD software for the

personal computer since 1985. VectorWorks, our flagship product, is one of

the world's best selling CAD products and is available in over 85 countries

and is translated in 14 languages. The VectorWorks Industry Series is a line

of products designed specifically to meet the needs of designers in the

fields of AEC, entertainment and landscape design. For more information,

visit, www.nemetschek.net

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