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"Rate bad user" proposal

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I don't know, but i choose to believe it's a positive thing, but i'm inclined to believe it's because i whined before for not having any........it was better without the stars, at least i didn't have to think about it ha ha.

I think they should exchange the stars for frogs or so, more fun that way.

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Yes I was waiting for the render to finish, but after two hours it was at about 52% so I stopped it and that was a challege on its own.

Thanks for the star though, just now you can't give me a higher rating if I do or comment on something that should reward me with more stars accourding to you.... :(

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I'll leave the cloak of anonymity. I dislike your style of communication about your choice of computing platform. And because of that alone I rated you one star. Had I been able I would have rated you negatively.

If you simply said what is good about your choice, it would be enough. To go through the amount of vitriolic detail you did in the Mac v PC thread caused me to thoroughly dislike of your communication methods. And I do mean your communication methods.

To be honest I have no idea who you are, what your expertise in VW is, whether you and I like the same pursuits outside of the CAD world, I only know you as the grumpy PC guy. So I if I do read your posts, it is with with that attitude, I assume you are going to say nothing of value to the overall conversation just some catty remark about Macs or Mac users. If you actually said something valuable I would either miss it because I am exhausted by your past rants, or would question its validity because of how I see you.

I don't care what platform you are tearing down, I would dislike it. There is enough hatred, anger and violence in this world that I don't need it to infect a place I come to to look for answers and to hopefully provide a few myself.

There is enough good and bad for either platform. Both sides have their electric-koolaid makers and consumers. There is room for both sides to jab back and forth, but no reason to be more than humorous.

I don't care whether you use a Mac, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7RC, Ubuntu, Red Hat, an Amiga. Hats off to you if you find a platform that works well for you, and a manufacturer that makes a product that stands up to use, performs the way you want and deals with the software and peripherals you want to use and yes, gives you a good return on your investment. That isn't easy to do regardless of platform.

In the end if we like the platform we use, we of course will recommend it to others. If someone asks me I will recommend a Mac and conversely you would recommend a PC. The difference as I see it is I would hope that my approach would be to tell the strengths of my platform and yours appears to be telling the weaknesses of the other.

In the end, there is no clear winner. Each platform has its strengths and each has their idiosyncrasies. Each platform has its supporters and detractors.

I extend an virtual olive branch in hopes that this can be put behind us. I would rather know Ben Rudgers, not some grumpy PC guy. I'd like to know what he uses VW for, how good he is at using it, maybe even try to answer a question or two he might have, or have him help me out of a sticky situation. We'll have to agree to disagree on computing platforms of course, because it is readily apparent that neither of us will change.


Ion Webster

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It does fit you well doesn't it?

I tried to reach out, you thoroughly rejected it in your private messages.


I took your request seriously, that's why I took the time to respond to you at length via PM.

If you choose to see that as rejection, undoubtedly you would have had it been posted here in public.

Look at your quoted text in this post.

Read your opening and cut the self rightousness.

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