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Wall Lengthen Script

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I am looking for a script that would lengthen a wall a present length e.g. 5mm to either the left or the right. Can anyone help?

I realize it can be done in the PIO, but I am wanting to be able to select a wall, select the script, select L or R and then it add a preset dimension to the wall length, as this is a repetitive routine.

Can anyone help me?

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This is certainly possible, but not as easy as you would like.

In the OIP, you have the little buttons to keep the center or either end static. In Vectorscript, you don't have that option so you will have to do it yourself.

VS also does not understand the two ends of walls. It understands the start and end. So it will have to figure out if you want to change the start then it has to move the wall and then add on to the end. If you want to add to the end, then it just needs to add to the end.

VS does not really understand your concept of Left and Right. Again, you will have to figure out which end the is "start" and then determine if you move and add or just add.

Are these walls always going to be horizontal? If not, do you want to add 5 mm to the lenght? Or 5mm to the Y or 5mm to the X?

What about joined walls?

What about using this in a Rotated Plan View?

Certainly what you want can be done, but it is much easier to have the whole scope laid out at the beginning, rather than hearing well that is close, but what about this?

Tell us how you want the command to work in as many different scenarios as you need to completely encompass the scope and you will probably get some better help.

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The purpose/scope for the script is to be able to create an elevation of a wall with any intersecting wall or shelving lines showing on the created elevations.

I have created a simple script to create an elevation of the selected wall using DoMenuTextByName. Intersecting wall lines are created using symbols embed into walls and these symbols have preassigned classes which create preassigned classes of intersecting lines on the elevations also.

What I am having trouble with is extending the length of the wall.

'T' joined walls. The intersecting wall is required to be 5mm longer. The intersecting wall requires a rebate of 5mm.

'Angled' joined walls i.e. 22.5, 30 and 45dg. The angle of intersection works fine when creating the elevation of the wall.

'L' joined walls. This is fine also.

The process I foresee would be something like this...

1>Select the tool to create a wall elevation

2>1st dialog appears requesting 'Does the wall need extending (Y/N)'. If 'Y' move to 3, If 'N' move to 4.

3>a segment position box appears with a entry cell requiring the additional dimension to be added. A wall has 3 segment positions as on the OIP, typically 1 of the 2 end points would be selected.

4>OK to dialog entry

5>2nd dialog appears requesting from which side do you want the elevation to be viewed from? i.e. Front, Back, Left, Right? 2 radio buttons can be selected i.e. Front and Back, when both faces of the wall have intersecting walls, this means elevations are created from the desired views.

6>OK to dialog entry

7>the elevation of the wall selected is created and placed on a new DesignLayer.

Actually when thinking about it more, the desired outcome is very similar to the Wall Framer tool, but I am only dealing with the outline of the elevation of the wall and any intersecting wall positions, not the framing within the outline of the elevation. However I still would require an elevation of both faces of the wall if it has intersecting walls on either side.

I hope this enlightens you further to what I am wanting to achieve.

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