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Importing Microstation Files

RickS - Lab 8


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I have converted Microstation files into Vectorworks back in VW11 days. It was a long time ago but it was probably very straight forward as I do not have any recollection of any issues. I possibly just did a save as (dxf etc) from inside Microstation then import into Vectorworks.

Although it may be a little more tricky if you don't have Microstation. I had an academic version of Microstation 95 and Vectorworks 11 Student at that point in time when I was evaluating Microstation and Vectorworks.

If you don't have any response in a few days, I will ask my brother as he is a long term Microstation expert.

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Thanks, unfortunately I do not have a copy of Microstation. These are Microstation V8 files.

Just wondering if anyone knows of a converter program that is available. I search for some, but the only ones i found cost $400+++. Which is not really worth it for just one file conversion.

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I've heard about some Microstation-exported DXFs making trouble while importing them in Vectorworks. Solved this problem by converting them first into DWGs using the (Freeware) Programm "EveryDWG" distributed by www.OpenDWG.org.



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Being a MicroStation expert you can convert MicroStation files to dgw format, using MicroStation Batch converter. this can be found under the utilites tab in MicroStation.

If you have early versions MicroStation or Powerdraft, then you would have to convert the file manually.

if you do not havr MicroStation, then there are a number of programs which will convert dgn in dwg format.

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