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I really like the z-zoom option, it's an easy way to fine-tune my snapping. But sometimes it doesn't "take", and I can't figure out why. It mostly seems to have to do with snapping dimensions, but that may just be when I notice it.

What happens is, I "z" in to my snap point, click, and the zoom window disappears as if the click was registered, but nothing is selected. Any reason why that would happen?

If I click on exactly the same spot (albeit less accurately) without the zoom, it works fine.


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I have seen this problem too. A quick work around seems to be drawing a disposable version of what you are trying to create without using the snap loupe. Then when you use the snap loupe to initiate geometry it seems to work.

It seems that some form of view change prior to trying to use the snap loupe for creation causes this failure.



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