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Can someone direct me to where I can get some pointers to use the worksheet and its formulas for something as simple as counting number of symbols or viewports in a drawing. Thanks a bunch!

VW 2009 Mac OX 10.5.6

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A good start would be to search the forum for "+worksheet +count". Don't include the quotes in your search.

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The criteria that you need you won't find in most tutorials.

* click on a cell

* To have the count of all sheet layer viewports paste in the edit bar: =COUNT(ST=506)

* To have the count of all design layer viewports paste in the edit bar: =COUNT(PON='NNA_DesignLayerViewport')

* To have the count of all symbols paste in the edit bar:


* To have the count of all symbols named "Symbol-1" paste in the edit bar:


If you want more infos, you need to set up a database. Create a database:

* select a row on the left (where there is a row number),

* right-click on Win, or cntrl-click on Mac

* select the menu-item "Database"

* a "Criteria" dialog appears.

* confirm with "OK". It doesn't matter what you set listed, because you will override it now.

Now, and only NOW, you can see the criteria string for the database in the upper edit field.

You must edit that criteria string.

If you don't see the criteria string (because you clicked somewhere else by mistake, for example), you must call the menu item "Edit Criteria": after confirming the dialog (useless for you), then you can see and edit the string again.

The "Criteria" dialog is just for beginners, you don't get anywhere with that.

Criteria are the most powerful thing in VW, on my opinion, and it pays off greatly, investing a couple of hours in learning them.

Now paste these in the criteria field:

* to list all design layer viewports:

=DATABASE(( (PON='NNA_DesignLayerViewport') ))

* to list all sheet layers viewports

=DATABASE(( (ST=506) ))

* to list both together you can mix:

=DATABASE(((ST=506) | (PON='NNA_DesignLayerViewport')))

After you set up a proper criteria, you can request infos in the singular cells

* make sure that "Database Headers" is activated. This you find in the first menu up left, clicking on the arrow, just below the red cross.

* select a cell where the number is not divided with a dot. That is a header.

* to have the name paste: =N

* to have the layer where it resides paste: =L

* to have the class where it belongs paste: =C

there is a lot that you can do with these functions. Personally I never saw any better or simpler list than the one that you find in the documentation:

Check the VW help for

* "Worksheets" and

* Retrieving Object Attributes: here you get all these things like "L" for layers and "C" for class.

* Operators and so on

* Worksheet Functions

There is a large number of search criteria that are listed under "Search Criteria Tables" in the VectorScript documentation. Why are they only there, I don't know.


Edited by orso b. schmid

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I remember well when I learned criteria.

Initially I always avoided them, looking at them they scared me to death.

Then one day I decided to go through them.

The fact is that in shortest time I found them clear and easy. I think that it takes a couple of hours. The code you don't remember any way, but it doesn't matter: the documentation is always available.

They just LOOK scary, but they are not.


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I think it is essential to learn about worksheets, that is why I have a section in my Essential tutorial manual on worksheets. If you have Vectorworks 2009, you can get the manual from NNA, or if you have earlier versions of Vectorworks you can get the manual from:


if there is enough interest, I could offer a free online session of worksheets.

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