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Open GL loss of functions

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I have found that Open Gl rendering has changed in 2009. VW prefs set to Detail very high. OGL set to very high no check boxes.

In previous versions-

1. set to active layer only and when rotating a light object the result was active, you could see what changes were be effected by moving the light. This allowed great detail to be created. Now no change until releasing tool.

2. when using the fly over, rotate, walkthrough, the rendering remained active and in color. now I get wire frame only.

3. I could get very nice highlight effects and great control. Now I can not control because I can not see what is taking place until letting it render.

Now the screen can go black with a selected object showing in the orange wireframe.

Fast Renderworks will show the rendered objects but it is not interactive.

This behavior happens on my intel iMac and on the schools G5 Macs and server set up.

The reason I don't like to use Renderworks is I don't know what changes are being made, it take hours to get the most basic lighting effect in renderworks.

A file that looked great in OpenGL would be strange looking in Fast renerworks. Highlights gone, shape of objects changed to include folds. Or start and end surface effect.

I did several lessons in a renderworders training CD and concluded that I don't neeed to spend the time to get any of those effects. I can tell what it will look like with open Gl and enjoy the process.

Have settings been moved or added for OpenGl that I have not found? Many settings have been changed in this version.

For me the quick and easy VW program is quickly disappearing.

Thank you,


CADD instructor for

SCCC Wood Construction Center

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My sentiments exactly regarding the benefits of OpenGL and interactive rendering.

Especially quick with screen capture of the various images. It's a real shame if that

functionality has been 'programmed out' of an otherwise essential procedure.

This will make the transition from 2d to 3d work both tedious and unpredictable.

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Turn the settings down from VeryHigh detail and you should be able to retain the OpenGL image while flying over.

Also, check the VW Preferences, 3D Tab. The 3D Rotation slider and the Retain Rendering Model should be in the middle or to the right to be able to keep the model rendered while you are moving it.

I am able to flythrough some fairly complicated models rendered in OpenGL on my MacBookPro, even without the high powered graphics turned on.

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Update on Open GL behavior.

The lab computers act different than mine. Can't do anything to change that beyond calling tech support, but then I don't know what to describe as the 'should be like this'.

My iMac will render OpenGl and allow flyover and walktrhorugh to stay rendered. The light objects are not interactive. I found a new checkbox and update button on the object info pallet that has no effect weather checked on not. The light updates when released.

layers are set to active only. OpenGl set to very high. VW Prefs set to detailed and always.

I checked behavior with VW 12.5 and 2008 all with the same stationary of mine and with the programs new file. Old versions have active light and 2009 does not.

Are there any new setting or prefs? I have found lots of new settings throughout this version for tools and commands.

Thanks for your feedback


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