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Macbeth help

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My kids are doing a design for Macbeth. Several have chosen the witches scene. Does anyone have a small hill - floor, or a calderon?

A couple of them want to put the scene on a hill, but I have no idea how to do a floor that is not flat.

For the calderon I have had them do a cylinder, but a real looking calderon would make them happier.

Any help on how to accomplish these items would be greatly appreciated


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- Draw a rectangle and then Convert it to a Nurbs Surface

- Increase the the number of U and V degrees and put a checkmark against the Show Vertices option.

- Use the 3D Reshape tool to pull selected vertices upwards using the Z mode (multiple vertices can be selected by running a selection marquee around them.


- Draw half of the section profile in 2D in a front elevation view.

- Use Sweep to create the cauldron.

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when I click on the attachment to view, it says "You do not have access to download this attachment."

Also I only get vert points along one side(the back) of the rectangle and if I stretch them out with the 3-D reshape tool it only stretches them horizontially, not vertically

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I think the more important issue is now that Jim has used the title of the "Scottish Play" on this forum, how does he accomplish the necessary cleansing ritual of leaving the forum, spinning 3 times, spitting over his left shoulder, swearing, and reentering the forum? - Is there an internet forum analog?

If this forum server crashes, Jim - we will all know why.


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It's comforting to know that the traditions of the stage can survive even the introduction of curved nurbs surfaces.

Break a leg :-)


Will you mock at an ancient tradition, begun upon an honorable respect,

and worn as a memorable trophy of predeceas's valor...

Henry V, Act V

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I looked at your NURBS dowload and I see why I wasn't able to make it work. My OIP window is not the same as what you show.

My header is NURBS Curve not NURBS surface as yours is.

also my X and Y are in feet and inches???

There are no V or U degree settings

and I have a "show direction" - no show vertices

I created a rectangle and did the modify, convert to NURBS

don't know what is wrong

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