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Plant symbols dissapear from design layer

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Not sure why or how it happened but all my plants disappeared from a design layer on a completed design. Some loci remained which when highlighted appeared to have the 2d rendering turned off. So I was able to restore a few plants but have lost many....all classes and layer visible. Any thoughts ?????

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You should list your version of Vectorworks and computer specs including OS. Create a signature with this info by clicking on the My Stuff link at the top, Edit Profile.

If a symbol is deleted in the resource browser and an instance of the symbol is in the drawing, a 3D locus will remain in it's place. If it this isn't the case it's more than likely a class issue. Double check your class visibilities.

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OK, I think I see what you are talking about, the plants in the upper right of the drawing show two lines crossing but no plant.

I'm not sure what's going on, but when I right click on any of the plants and choose Edit, choosing any of the choices under Select part to edit:, then exit edit mode, all instance of the plant graphics return.

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Which plant names disappeared with no marker?

With the loci, are you talking about in 2D? If so those aren't loci, they are a two lines crossed to represent the plant position. In 3D, plants have a 3D locus to represent the plant position until you add a plant from the xfrog library

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These plant symbols did come from the xfrog plant library. I would place one tag per group of plants rather than a tag on every plant. The original sheet-landscape layer had a plant list which seems to be missing. I'm really puzzled as to what happened. I have put together several drawing with this version (2009) without incident.

I really appreciate all your help.

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I experience the same problem with the 2d plants objects from the 'VectorWorks Landmark 2008 Generic Plant Library'... the only way to show the plants that have disappeared seems to insert each symbol again, and edit them, and they ll will show up again, I can't find explanations to this. If anybody can help ..


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Okies - when a plant or plants dissapear find the plant in the Resource Browser - go to Edit or Right Click the Plant and Edit - is the Plant geometry centred at X = 0 and y = 0

when in Edit Plant to find out where the geometry is Select All and fit to objects

Let me know

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Discovered something interesting. I followed Ozzie's advice, in the resource browser I right clicked the plant symbol, under edit choose definition, under rendering choose turn on rendering at creation. The plant symbols reappears...Thanks Ozzie it's great to see my drawing was not lost.

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I have had something similar. Sometimes, the plants do not show up, but the symbol is still there and all classes showing. What I have done is to open the symbol (editing the symbol), check to make sure it shows up, close the symbol, and then for some reason everything shows up.

This gets a bit frustrating. It seems to happen more often if you have imported a plant from a previous version.

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I'm having this issue on almost every plan I do. It's happening on both mac and windows. Editing the definition to apply 2d rendering on creation helps get them back, but it's not a permanent solution to the problem.

It's very annoying, especially when my client calls me to say that there are plants not shown and they want it fixed and reprinted.

Is there a permanent fix for this problem yet????

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Check the following:

1) THe None Class is not turned off - even if you have not used the None class for your planting, turning None off will cause your plants to disappear.

2) Check to see if you have Turn on Rendering at Creation within the plant definition. If you do, make sure it is not set to None on the number of outlines.

3) Do NOT check Mass Overlapping Plants - this will hide everything within the plant symbol except for the rear-most polygon. If your plant is a single polygon with a pen outline, there is a danger you could lose it with rendering turned on.

You are welcome to email the file to support@vectorworks-training.co.uk if you need me to look at it. You could even make a smaller file - just containing the plants that disappear and I'll take a look at them.

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I'm having this issue on almost every plan I do. It's happening on both mac and windows. Editing the definition to apply 2d rendering on creation helps get them back, but it's not a permanent solution to the problem.

There is a bug still present in VW 2010 that will make plants disappear

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I have had this problem.

Try the following.

Double click on the Plant Group or edit from the Resource Browser.

Choose to Edit the 2D graphic

Select the graphic (circle or similar) and check the Object Info.

Most likely the shape is being drawn in Layer Plane.

Change this to Screen Plane and use the exit button to return to the drawing.

2D plant graphics should re-appear for any instances of the plant already placed and for any new ones subsequently placed from the Resource Browser.

Hope that helps.

David Kurita-May

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