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Offset tool not working in rotated plan view

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For some reason the offset tool is not working in VW12 when offsetting a polygon. It works well with lines and arcs. This happens when I'm in a rotated plan view. I'm getting it to work today when in plan/top view.

Is there any way to get the dimension tags for radii to align to a rotated plan view? The plant tags and note tags work well.

Also, I sometimes still have problems with the tangent tool not showing me the tangent when trying to draw a line tangent to an arc.

Anyone else having these problems?

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Its not quote clear from your comment what your workflow is, but I personally do not recommend using rotated plan view as a permanent way of working.

Rotate view is best used as a temporary function to work on parts of the plan that are are a pain when the tool is operating rotated - ie ovals and visually aligning and proportioning objects etc. Once you have placed and aligned everything, set the rotate plan view back to 0.

If you want to permanently rotate a view/plan, use a viewport and rotate the viewport via the viewport OIP.

That said, I have just tried it with 2009/SP4 and it seems fine with my basic tests however it also worked on 2008 so can you please give some more info. I basically drew a polygon and offset it, then rotated plan and offset again.

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