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Layer Stacking Order

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Thanks to MaxStudio and Pat Stanford for their help in the topic "Saved View / Layer". My code now works fine... however:

When I add a new design layer, VS adds it as the first layer. It would be good if the stacking order of the new layer could be changed as part of the script.

I've had a look in the function API, but there doesn't appear to be anywhere to access the layer stacking order. Have I missed something?

VW2008 on Mac OS-X



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Does HMoveBackward() work? I haven't tried it, but that would be my first guess.


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???Since no one else has posted I decided to try this. hMoveBackward() does work. Here's an example that creates a new layer with a stock name, numbers it and sends it to the bottom. It can be easily made into a procedure or function that can be called from within a larger script.


PROCEDURE NewLayerOnBottom;
{ Create a new layer and send it to the bottom of the stacking order. }
BLN = 'Layer';		{ Base Layer Name }
I :Integer;
S :String;
I := 1;
while (GetLayerByName(concat(BLN, ' ', I)) <> nil) do 
	I := I + 1;
S := concat(BLN, ' ', I);
hMoveBackward(GetLayerByName(S), True);	

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