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Breaking or inserting objects into solids

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Hi all,

We design log homes primarily and it works great to draw a circle, extrude it, texture it, and then go about building a log model. The issue arises when inserting doors and windows of course.

For years we just super imposed 3d windows and doors on the face of the stacked logs. For the most part the way we do it looks fairly good. But in the quest for perfection I have always desired the ability to "cut the logs" to insert a window so one could see into the model like a typical 3d wall window assembly.

Does anyone know if this is possible or is it more work than it is worth?


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You can stretch (or reshape) any extruded form, therefore you could certainly create openings in your log home models. It would be somewhat more time consuming than inserting a door or window into a wall, and obviously you would need to define the openings AND the doors/windows, and then place the doors/windows manually into place. But it works.... See attached image (took 4 minutes).

The other option is to use a thick wall with a "log" texture. This method will be more difficult to control for anatomical accuracy, but quite a lot faster to achieve, especially during the early design stages when changes are happening.

Perhaps the best option is to use method 2 for initial design, then take the time to re-create each wall using method 1 for working drawings. In this way all of the sections and elevations would be much closer to "true"...

Let us know what you learn.

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Log design is profile specific. I would Extrude the entire side wall profile to create a textured solid object, then subtract the various openings & end lap joints as req'd.

To utilize the Windows & Doors PIO , simply create a thin interior wall the thickness of a Log's central Dado joint wide enough for the insertions.

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I see where you are going with that. I have worked with this method a bit and it is fairly easy and quick but the problem comes with the jambs. I think Islandmon is right Pat that you would need the wall to get proper jamb depth.

The issue I see is that getting a wall thick enough for proper jamb depth would end up showing the wall beyond the curves of the logs.

I may work with this though and see what comes up.


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That method is one that I do use. did you insert the window into the pre determined opening or did you have a wall embedded as Islandmon suggested?

What I need to accomplish is the appearance of the jamb depth equal to the log depth. Without a wall thickness I am not aware you can produce jamb depth?

For accuracy casing is applied around the window flush with the log face so this may involve a multi step process where the window and casing are drawn separately?

These types of more "photo realistic" are done as an addition to the construction plans and aren't necessarily done for every job so this is an additional service for the higher end jobs. Almost considered to be a job within itself so realism is the goal.


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Jeff, you can indeed adjust the JAMB DEPTH (and other Jamb Parameters) as long as the "use wall depth" check box is unchecked.

I simply placed the PIO's in a predefined cut-out. Very similar to "real life" log construction. Unfortunately we don't (yet) have a "Chainsaw" tool in VW's. Maybe someday. For now you can either stretch/reshape the extruded logs, or use Islandmon's suggestion of Subtracting Solids. The only issue I see there is that Added and Subtracted solids always seem to make for larger file sizes and slower regen...


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Mar, That is a fantastic idea! Now the big question, are the windows transparent and able to see through the wall stack? I am going to give this a try right now. Yes remove the history with convert to generic solids a great final step.

Peter, I do notice the slower regen with add subtract solids so the alternative may be the way to go. I have been using MiniCAD to VectorWorks a long time and I learned something new about the uncheck "use wall depth". Thanks

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