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Lock position of DLVP causes half of objects to disappear.


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I have a DLVP on DL1 showing various objects from DL3, when I click "lock position" half the objects disappear.

If I then untick the box the objects dont reappear.

Also if I copy the DLVP on DL1 and paste on DL2 the same thing happens.

All the layers are at the same scale.

In the effected DLVP I can turn on all classes and objects still wont show.

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Keeping in mind that VPs are programmable containers which point to various other containers with objects, groups, classes, symbols, etc.

A corruption within the various linkages will cause the entire procedure to flack out & fail.

Simply recreating additional instances of the same VP container will not solve the problem... but creating an entirely new VP ( taking special care to get the Classes, views, scales, etc... right )... just might.

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